provoking what happens in IT


there is a brilliant line in the bbc series absolute power. it stars stephen fry and his is one of the most sarcastic and black witted characters you will ever meet since blackadder.

his famous line is “never ask a pr man for the truth and never shake hands with a gynaecologist”.

I often wonder if IT is the same – never ask us for the truth.

so I decided that someone should tell the truth like it is, with some level of anonymity.

I give everyone in IT a serve for the silly things and the things that normal people would find stoopid.

as a chief information officer I get exposed to all sorts of marketing bs from vendors and I get to participate in the odd stoopid thing myself. but I couldn’t put together an honest blog without identifying a few things:

. my environment at work is ibm, cisco at the server level. we have some hp but they are being phased out because the support is atrocious
. my desktop environment is a mix of hp and acer desktops
. my home environment consists of 3 hp laptops, 1 toshiba laptop and an hp desktop
. I run microsoft software on the desktop at work and at home
. my business builds multiple apps in the microsoft framework
. I have a personal love for sun gear as well as bea, j2ee as some of the best things that I have ever done have been on those platforms and language. ejbs are just the coolest thing when they work
. while I believe there is one standard – the pc – I have secret desire for the design of the mac
. I have mac in my office at work – it is used exclusively as a jukebox and testing the odd app when we need to – I know this is going to tick some people off…but live with it. it’s not the holocaust.

however, the one thing that you should realise – I don’t take sides when stoopid sh!t happens. stoopid sh!t is stoopid sh!t regardless of the vendor.

I have fairly high standards when it comes to releasing software and hardware – this is not 1982 and companies should know better to release stoopid things. and this is what I write about. truthfully and without the vendor sheen and polish.

so on with the show…


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