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my ipod and o2

ok, I am as happy as a pig in the preverbial as they say.

I got my 30gb ipod and my o2 atom is working a treat. this is my first ownership of an ipod, but I did try out an o2 imate sometime ago for a week without being happy at the end of the process.

so firstly the ipod. what impresses me most about the ipod is the quality of screen for vidcasts. I’ve been a subscriber to for a while, looking at it from my desktop, but on the ipod I am amazed at the clarity of the picture. I am also majorly impressed with the fact that you can control the whole thing with your thumb. great usability.

another step to me becoming an apple fan 🙂 I am now one of those zombies that walks the streets with white headfones.

on the o2 front, I am a bit depressed with having to give up my nokia navigation habits to take on windows mobile. going from an ericsson a few years back to a nokia was a simple change of navs processes, but the nokia to o2 move is a whole change in philosophy altogether.

the biggest frustration over the past 2 weeks (until I worked it out) was skype mobile 2.1. so that you don’t completely suck dry the battery in wi-fi mode, you need to turn skype off after you finish using it. which is normal. however, skype is still running processes in the background and won’t allow the natural restore state of windows mobile to occur.

what this means in lay terms is that the backlight on the screen will not turn off and phone does not go into standy mode. big deal I hear you say? well, this little process error sucks the battery standby life from 5 days to 1/2 a day. yep. big f**king deal for a mobile device!

even turning off all of the running programs under the system controls in windows mobile does not stop the background process running. the only way to stop it is turn the fone off and pull the battery out.

does anyone else have this issue with skype mobile and what do you do?

I’m going back to the world of the walking zombie. if apple do decide to build an ipod and fone together I think I will be in waiting in the line to get one.


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