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contractus horribillis

sounds like a disease you don’t want to catch when you’re on tour with the lads somewhere in the tropics.

well it’s actually horribe contracts.

it’s what my life is at the moment.

I’m going through a contract review for facilities management with my company at the moment and watching the legal counsels draw up contracts with no friggin idea on:

. what to put in there
. how a relationship actually works
. what technology does, how it works, who pays for it when it breaks and who takes responsibility

the problem with this is the output is a document that few people understand, but because it can hold a door open in a steady wind, the legal counsel believe that it is a solid contract. the management then see this is a sign of a job well done, despite the issues.

in my earlier years, I got taught 2 very important lessons in contracts that I still carry with me today:

1. when you build a contract, build it properly and fairly for both parties and the relationship will exist beyond the term of the contract. short change the process and you short change yourself and the other party.

1a. which will only lead to both parties being upset with each other. and there endeth the relationship.

2. the strength of a relationship is always tested by the detail of a contract. compromise in a contract after the event only leads to tears and disgruntlement. see 1a above.

why don’t people get this message is beyond me…


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