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now I can buy an ipod

over the past 3 months I have decided to warehouse all of my cd collection and move completely digital. as opposed to just adding new ones to winmp whenever I get them.

this is due to a number of reasons:

  • I have over 700 cds
  • I have 2.5 yr old that now knows how to get into my stereo cabinet, load up a cd etc
  • I thought it would be good from a storage perspective – I can put all of the cds in lockable plastic crates in the storage cupboards, instead of 2.5 yr old working out how he could make them fly
  • I’m thinking of an ipod type device to move some of my music on – or maybe the rumoured ifone by apple next year

so each nite I try to burn as many cds as I can – about 20 in a sitting – down to 320kbps mp3 setting.

I’m about 140 cds short of finishing, and when I do finish I’ll probably knock up a media centre machine for the family to use. I’ve now filled up about 50gb in hard drive space.

but it got me thinking:

  1. what teenage child of the ipod demographic has 50gb (legitimately) of music that they could save, if they had originally owned it
  2. why would a teenage ipod demographic need 60gb of ipod drive to store data
  3. how anal am I now going to be about saving this music data vs just having the cds around, after going through the punishing exercise of converting the damn things
  4. what happens to an ipod drive over time of adding / deleting music in terms of its performance – does it need defragging or any other type of system maintenance (or have I spurned a new app for the ipod?)
  5. if your ipod dies in the backside from a disk error, is the hard drive recoverable like other hard drives

all these questions and more…because now I am more scared than ever of losing my music!


November 20, 2006 - Posted by | Blogroll, technology


  1. I felt the same as you did about my music once I had converted it all. Not because I would “loose” it if something happened – I do have the originals. But due to the time that invested in encoding them.

    So I backed up the whole lot to DVD. Peace of mind. Did not take as long as it did to create the .mp3’s but time well spent for the reassurance.

    BTW I feel the same way that you do about the iPod. Unanswered questions. The worst of it is that you will have to spend the extra dollars to get the 80Gig version. But as you say I am sure that has a limited lifespan – what that is who knows. It sounds like the battery has a shorter one in any case.

    Maybe the solution is the back-up. External HD case and back it up to use as the “master” copy that over to the media centre, the iPod as required. As well as any new CD’s that you purchase or download. That way you have at least 3 copies of your entire collection at any one time. X3 redundancy enough? What are the odds of X3 HD’s failing at the same time? (I am sure it has happened!)

    Comment by The Rooster | November 20, 2006

  2. I have transferred about 300 CDs of my collection of 600 to a 20gb Sony Walkman. But I am now considering putting the whole lot on to an Ipod – which means, with a bit of spare room, getting a 50gb model.
    But like others I am paranoid, so I keep a copy on the computer and a back-up on an external hard drive.
    Hopefully with three copies things will be OK. And frankly 600 CDs take a lot of room.
    Of course I will need my Access Database so I know what’s what and where’s where.
    But I’m still considering whether even to bother.

    Comment by P. Yudkin | December 1, 2006

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