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on the weekend I submitted my information to fairfax publishing to obtain a user id that I never wanted, just so that my wife and I could check out houses online through and store them temporarily (in a checklist).

so for that I get bombarded now with fairfax’s self promoting material about their sites.

today’s episode is how they have now just released a new site for fairfax’s acquisition of

I have to tell you, these guys should not have written to me. I would be ashamed to call this a new site. it’s disgusting in layout and design and something I would have expected in 1997.

the ‘new on rsvp this week’ depicts three photos of people who, quite frankly, are not attracting me in any way shape or form to the site.

call this harsh, but bugger me, with so many sites on the web now that have great design, especially with all of these funky web 2.0 sites, bad design for a major commercial site with a claimed 900,000 members, is just not on.

in fact, it’s nothing short of disgusting and if they were working for today, they wouldn’t be.


November 16, 2006 Posted by | Blogroll, technology | 3 Comments