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getting ready to die early

as I said before, yesterday I was at the get ready gig for microsoft with about 2000 other punters.

while I was waiting in line for registration, I was casting my eye over the crowd and couldn’t help noticing how many major lard asses there were there. I mean real big pizza, beer and donut eating (no shovelling) dudes there. there would have been an unhealthily average collective weight of 120kg per person there. I wish I had of taken a foto of it.

now I’m not saying that I am super fit or super slim; I am mere mortal with 2 kids, a full time job, founder of a charity and have a consultancy on the side. so I don’t get my 5 bike rides in a week like I used to.

however, I can see my feet and genitals from any position without the use of any device or assistance from another human being.

I was appalled at what we are doing to ourselves as a collective group of professionals. so much so that my infrastructure manager and I left the summit early and went to kfc for their new wicked wings meal deal.

all jokes aside, I think we are killing ourselves as a group…


November 9, 2006 - Posted by | Blogroll, technology

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  1. sad but true.

    Comment by The Rooster | November 9, 2006

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