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ok so we had bit of a hiccup in this post. I was trying to edit it and it got deleted instead. go figure. so here is the guff again.

yesterday I was invited to the microsoft get ready launch for vista and office 2007. 2000 kids in shorts and t-shirts wanting to be sold the marketing hype. me in a suit feeling out of place, overdressed and potentially wasting my time.

obviously the point of the day was enlist all the punters into the get ready scheme. and while I have been outspoken against office 2007 beta 2 and vista in its early releases, I have come around at least to office 2007 (it has some nice features, new ui and with the tech refresh it no longer crashes on simple functions). I will admit to three things here:

1. I have been using office 2007 beta now for 5 months and it is now quite a solid product

2. this does not change my view about the requirement to upgrade in my environment for all users based on the new functionality – I still don’t think that it adds any more value overall in our environment

3. I have not played with vista since, although when I have the chance I will be reinstalling it on another machine

apart from all of this, the biggest thing for me was the attached/unattached approach that

basically microsoft were going on about innovation, gen y, the need for a more collaborative environment and so on and so forth.

when the vp from gartner got up, he started talking about the movement of value in the s+p 500 over the past 20 years or so and that microsoft had been working to build a new set of products to meet the marketspace. not once did he point out anything good or bad about the software from a gartner point of view. but the mere fact that he was a guest speaker for the keynote presentation means that gartner:

. has most likely financially benefitted from their presence on stage from microsoft

. has most likely placed in the minds of a number of people there that gartner subliminally supports vista and office 2007

. has now in one sense made it impossible for them to perform an honest appraisal on vista and office 2007 in the near future

. has, in my opinion, broken the rule that analysts in the gartner space have – fence sitting for the sake of the vendor. when you play in this space, you make the call on the goods and the bads

I was at best, suprised by gartner’s appearance and statements. at worst, I was appalled that someone who was meant to be unbiased would perform such an act.


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web 2.0 beta

so the saga continues.

after yesterday’s discussion on web 2.0 and dave’s comments about o’reilly, I thought I would go back to o’reilly for the word.

O’Reilly Media and CMP launched a conference that showcased the innovators who were driving it. When O’Reilly’s Dale Dougherty came up with the term “Web 2.0” during a brainstorming session, we knew we had the name for the conference.

…Web 2.0 is much more than just pasting a new user interface onto an old application. It’s a way of thinking, a new perspective on the entire business of software — from concept through delivery, from marketing through support.”

So there we have it – web 2.0 was connived to name a conference: just like “the ripple effect”, “get ready” and all of the other names given to overhype things to get people’s interest. 

I have got one response to this – check rational unified process and the iterative development process that was developed in the late 80s and refined in the 90s.

iteratively develop.

that is, take one step, prove it, take another, prove it, and repeat the process. prove the things that don’t work and finesse the things that do, making them production ready.

this stuff has always existed.

the web now makes it easier for this to do because you don’t have to package and repackage iso files on to a floppy or cd and sent to customers. microsoft just had 86,000 beta testers for office 2007 and vista in australia alone. and office 2007 and vista are so ‘not-web 2.0’.

me, I’m still looking for the big hitter here that really says web 2.0 is something new and I ain’t seeing it.

it’s just business as usual and I suspect I will make people angry over my point of view as well.

oh, and for the pundits who believe that rational is for the old school software dev, then think again, there’s a lot going on in rational for the ajax crowd.

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