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car haters and car-ma

I took my subaru forester down to car lovers this afternoon to get washed. I know, I know, this is a departure from technology. but it isn’t in a way.

I take my own bucket, sponge and car wash soap, not because I am cheap, but the guy who details my car for me tells me the reason that my paint fades is because of previously using the concentrated stuff in the mix at car lovers. so he has put me on to this macguires soap and wax lite stuff. works well and my paint doesn’t fade anymore.

anyway, the brains of the operation of car lovers, the guy who hangs around making sure that the money goes in the spray units, doesn’t bother putting up a sign stating that one of the booths is not working. so car after car, including me, thinks that they’ve hit the jackpot by getting into an empty booth straight off and not having to wait.

after falling for this, and then washing my car in another booth, I came out to dry the car. some other punter, not too happy with the fact that the spare booth wasn’t working, came out furious.

now the car lovers guy wasn’t too bright – he tells this punter that “he doesn’t have any signs”. the punter, a bit agressively (and stoopidly), pushes the car lovers guy in front of me yelling all sorts of obsenities. I look at the punter and the car lovers guy and tell the punter “I’m not too happy either mate, but going to court for a $10 wash gone wrong on a sunday is not the best way to finish the week”. the punter realises this and walks away.

the car lovers guy doesn’t thank me for stepping in, and if I hadn’t the punter would have stepped all over him. anyway…

so I go to get a can of coke from the outside vending machine at car lovers having meticulously dried my car, feeling rather proud. the coke machine is jammed with something and takes my coin. I can’t retreive it.

I find the car lovers guy, hoping that my previous action would at least have counted for something. not a dime. he looks at me and says “sorry mate, we don’t have a sign for that”.

I was prompted to tell him of the story of the american and russian astronauts [if you haven’t heard this one basically nasa spent a whole heap of money making a pen that wrote upside down and in no gravity. the russians decided to use a pencil].

I thought that if I did this, this would prompt him to think.

then I thought, if one punter coming to punch you in the face over a $10 car wash is not going to sway your thinking, then a cute little story isn’t either…


November 5, 2006 - Posted by | Blogroll, technology

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