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I hate financial packages

for years I have worked with financial products and built them too. and I mean from your SAPs right down to the small packages like quicken and myob.

so this year, for my own consulting services, I thought I would look afield for a new package.

and I found it. dare I say, it microsoft’s small business accounting 2006.

I know what you’re gonna say – “it’s ms” or, if you have looked for it “I can’t find it anywhere”.

and that’s right punters. it’s only available in the good old us of a at this point in time.

so you have to get it on download, and the fake a us shipping address and then some poor sod, if they are lucky, is going to get a package with your software in it!

luckily for you though, you get the activation keys by email and they don’t.

but why do I like it so much?

because it is dead simple. the user interfaces for each of the 6 sections show you icons with a flowchart of what is supposed to happen and it leads you through. it’s like the dummies book built into an app.

I naturally hate it – it’s just an instinctual thing that I have with all finance products – but I like it because it represents good user design.

and so far it has been very stable and has a weekly backup monitor SOOTB in there so that you can’t lose your data.

the internals are also customisable enough to cater for other things non american. like, I was able to create a gst account for all my transactions and add this as a separate as well as an included line item. and you can export all of your data to excel and word and create your own personalised invoices.

now this is what simple software was meant to be about.

if finances sh!t you like they do me, you should check it out.


October 31, 2006 - Posted by | Blogroll, technology


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