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most of you know my environment in the corporate space is microsoft.

as a corporation, places like india and china are targets for us to move into. we are already in the middle east and other parts of asia at the moment and licensing is hard. even in australia, uk, us and new zealand, licensing is a tough issue. while I am the cio of the group, the individual business units operate individually so I am one step removed from having to audit their licenses.

so I got to thinking sometime ago when we were rebuilding the architecture for our new systems, ‘what if we went open source?’. the ultimate result was that in a lot of cases we couldn’t run open source desktops for admistration clients because they require ms components running locally. and the servers still needed to be ms for the .net 2.0 components.

however, the browser applications should run on most browsers outside of ms – otherwise there would be a potential security issue. if I could get the users in our network who run only browser apps on to open source, then this could be a considerable saving for the group.

so first step is to be the guinea pig.

so now I have one complete machine dedicated to linux (sled 10 from novell) and I will over the next few weeks, play with this and evaluate – and obviously blog about it.

the probably begs the question then, ‘why novell sled 10 – why not go hardcore and get something not owned by a big software company?’

well the answer is simple. I know what it takes to build software. my group builds four core (and differing) apps that handle substantial sums of monies each year. I also know what it takes to release good software.

in going open source, I am going to trust that the good people at novell have some release management campaign in place before releasing dud software to the market on linux. if not, then I would just be swapping ms for linux, without any advantage other than cost.

so for the $50 per year license, it’s cheaper than most anti-virus packages for a whole lot more.

on with the show as they say.


October 21, 2006 - Posted by | Blogroll, technology

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