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60 mins and ewe toob

while trying to get some downtime last nite I flickr’d to 60 mins on australian tv.

thy’re trying to capitalise on the whole g00gle and ewe toob buyout at the moment and run a story on it.

he’s been saying it for a while – and I was a bit sceptical – but my sceptiscm was crystallised. richard giles you are perfectly right – the mainstream media have no idea what has hit them and how to deal with it. 


October 16, 2006 - Posted by | Blogroll, technology


  1. I didn’t watch it, even though Rooster told me it was an ok story. I couldn’t be bothered waiting for that part of 60 Minutes, and figured, “What the hell, I’ll watch it on YouTube tomorrow.” 🙂

    Comment by Richard Giles | October 16, 2006

  2. While watching it part of me was thinking oh, oh, oh… they might get it … nope.

    But you are right they did not seem to know if they should put it in the “fad” catagory or the technology that is “changing the world” catagory.

    I would hate to see what they did with blogging, podcasting and the rest. YouTube is but a small part of what is going on right under their noses.

    I actually think walking down the street watching people pass me by that none (or at least the majoryity) have no idea what so ever of what must be to them “alternate reality”. Probably not describing it properly.

    The mainstream media just don’t know how to report it or what to think of it. It seems this generation won’t.

    Comment by The Rooster | October 20, 2006

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