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the podcast punchup

ok, so jobs and his boys are starting to feel the heat of a dimishing ipod market and have started applying an ‘apple tax’ for every appliance made by a manufacturer to suit an ipod.

that’s right, build a pair of aftermarket headphones for an ipod, and apple slap a tax on it.

but that’s not all – they are now threatened by the case of people using the term ‘podcast’. so much so that they have sent nasty little ‘cease and desist’ letters to a number of podcasters in the vein that they change the name of podcast to something else.

it gets even worse – apple attempted to get the term ‘ipodcast’ registered as a trademark with USPTO- and they got rejected.

personally I am wondering how long it will before they take action with macromedia/adobe over their breeze product and the term ‘pod’ being applied to everything item, like a messenging client, in their product.

or do they go one step further and ask that nasa retro change their ‘space pod’ to ‘space thingymijiggy’ in potential view that nasa could be violating the potential of apple releasing a joint venture podcast with myspace called ‘spacepod’?

so after some suggestion, the rooster has taken it upon himself to write to mr jobs and provide him with an upfront royalty cheque for $1 for the use of the word podcast. the rooster and knightwise have been talking about this issue recently at the global geek podcast.  

I wonder what will happen here – of course I will let you know if a result is garnered.


October 3, 2006 - Posted by | Blogroll, technology

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  1. […] Already the actions taken by this podcast are being blogged about, if you believe in this podcast then please support us and take action now before it is too late. Show that we as bloggers and podcasters of the new media have power as well. […]

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