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battery recall wars

it seems these days that as a notebook provider you have to have a battery recall – if you don’t, you not sitting on the edge of technology. it’s the ‘in thing’ at the moment.

just this last week, toshiba announced their recall of batteries on a selected range of tecra notebooks.

let’s see who else on the list…

. obviously dell, they started the craze
. panasonic did the same at the beginning of the month.
. apple with the ibook g4 and powerbook g4…although, if we leave notebooks alone for a moment and concentrate on ipods, then apple could be an even greater contender
. hewlett packard with their 679,000 potentially exploding digital cameras (well at least their batteries)

although, the funny thing about some of this is that sony is the company making the batteries for dell and apple (could there be industrial espionage of a grand scale here to protect the vaio range?) and we don’t see a viao recall. hmmmm…maybe it will happen soon.

personally I am thankful that my main laptops are hp – the ‘dying screen for no apparent reason’ issue is something that the support centre guy can deal with for the next 3 years on the support contract, free of charge. no data gets lost, no one goes to hospital. 

but there’s another side to me that says, call me crazy, but, as a cio, I wanna hear the execs come to me with exploding notebooks…it beats the monotony out of “er…sorry to bother you, but why can’t I see my password when I type it?”

so I put it to hp, acer and sony – get popular and start melting notebooks with batteries.

but it’s always something like this that brings out the ‘mine is bigger than yours’ syndrome in people. the first person to talk about their notebook battery heating up in the lappie is then drowned out by the office nutjob who recalls (no pun, I swear) a time when his aunty’s fifth uncle had a compaq lappie that just blew up in his face 10 years ago before anyone heard of it.

so I put it to all of you, who’s got the oldest story. I’ve never encountered it personally – only lucky enough to have hard drives fry.


September 26, 2006 - Posted by | Blogroll, technology

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