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today I am having the most distasteful pleasure of writing to a vendor who is within our business network and advising that we will ceasing all business with them immediately.

I always say to executive that all IT relationships are never forever. and that these relationships, of all things, should come with pre-nuptials.

this particular vendor, who I won’t name for the obvious reasons, has lied to us and overcharged us in excess of what is reasonable. and when I say lie, I mean lie. these guys make pinnochio look like small fry. ‘dubyer’ may have some problems keeping up with this vendor – ok maybe that’s a bit too extreme on the comedic end.

however, there are countless emails directly to me and others in my team that are complete fabrications that we have caught the vendor and their MD out on. SLAs are not met and internal client satisfaction of the vendor does not exist. at each touchpoint in the business there is constant complaint against this vendor.

it is a very unpleasant business of going through – this vendor has been with us for some time and we placed a great amount of trust in their services for which they have constantly let us down. so the next vendor to come in and take over has to work doubly as hard to regain the trust of the staff which in a way is unfair.

have you been through a similar situation? let me know…


September 20, 2006 - Posted by | Blogroll, technology

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